Autism Fitness Certification

Autism Fitness Certification – Helping you to Lead

The Autism Fitness Certification gives you the confidence and programming strategies to lead successful, effective programs for the ASD and Neuroadaptive populations. Based on the Autism Fitness PAC Profile, Certified Pros learn how to assess and address physical, behavioral, and cognitive abilities across a full range of ages and ability levels. The Level 1 Certification is for professionals and parents, whether working in a gym, classroom, Adapted PE, clinical, or home environment. Create programs that not only meet the needs of each individual, but also build skills that generalize to everyday living. The Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification is a hybrid course, with 8 pre-recorded video lessons and a full-day, hands-on Zoom practical with Founder Eric Chessen, MS. Dates and time zones for the virtual practical listed on 

Price: $649 with payment options available 


Prior to my Autism Fitness training, it was often difficult to select and utilize the appropriate assessments to inform programming for my students. The Autism Fitness Certification has provided me with an excellent tool to assess and create effective programming that considers the physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities of my athletes. I am grateful for the extensive instruction that we received to provide motivating, evidence-based programming for my athletes of varying ages and abilities. My athletes continue to make gains in their fitness and their abilities to participate in Adapted PE programming. When my athletes see me in the hallway, they excitedly ask me if they get to exercise with me today. Helping my students develop a true love for movement and exercise is the best gift that I can give them.

Colleen Cherry-Liguria, M.S. Ed. Adapted Physical Education Teacher, Center for Autism, Newport News, VA

Becoming a certified Autism Fitness Level 1 Pro has been a game changer. I have many years of experience working at elementary and middle schools as an education assistant and athletics coach with neurodiverse students. My skills, confidence and knowledge have been upgraded to a whole new level after this course. Eric and the team are very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and supportive . I am proud to be an Autism Fitness Level 1 Pro!

Amy Adamson, Parent and CPT

Following the Autism Fitness certification, I returned to teaching equipped not only with a fresh skill set, but also a firm understanding for the why’s and how’s that comprise effective programming.  Imparted with a renewed perspective and approach, my career took a transformative turn after becoming a Level 1 certified pro.  I redesigned the Adapted Physical Education curriculum for the Autism Program at St. Colman’s School to better serve the student population based on the Autism Fitness model.  I also became a small business owner, founding Maur Movement to provide personal and small group training to individuals with Autism and related disabilities throughout the Capital Region of New York state.  Autism Fitness set the foundation for both my professional and my client’s personal growth.  The Autism Fitness community continues to be an invaluable source of support, guidance, and ongoing education for me and my business. 

Kristin M. Kmack Owner, Maur Movement (Former Health and Adapted Physical Education Teacher, St. Colman’s Autism Program)

Coach your ASD and Neurodiverse athletes to successful outcomes. Through the Level 1 Certification, your newfound confidence will elevate their experience wherever you practice.


TruFit is excited to introduce you to the Autism Fitness Certification!

Developed by Eric Chessen MS., the Autism Fitness course is recommended for individuals and Team Leaders who want to take their education to the next level. This course provides materials and strategies that will build your confidence and allow you to excel in your community.

Additionally TruFit would like to welcome all the Autism Fitness Trainers and Community members to the TruFit Community. By working together we help to bring more opportunities to our friends with different abilities and can bring in a more active future for everyone. We invite you to download the App and Create your Autism Fitness Team! With your Free Coach’s account you can instantly start to build your team, share exercises, track progress and reach those goals with every athlete!