The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App is Here!

Are you looking for a Fitness App that understands your Goals and Abilities?

Do you want to be Empowered and Engaged with Personalized Exercise Programs, Equipment Education, Social Interaction and more?

Welcome to our Community!

Introducing the First All-Inclusive App for Differently Abled Individuals, their Families and Support Network. This is the Affordable Solution for creating Effective and Thoughtful programs that bring Results.

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Now Available to Download!

New Users receive the first month FREE!
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Create your Account to Discover hundreds of Exercises!

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Build your Team or join a TruFit Coach with a paid subscription. Only $9.99/month

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Our Goal is to help you feel Confident and Motivated to Live Healthy Everyday!
By joining the TruFit Adaptive Fitness Community you not only become a part of our Team,
You become an example of Healthy Living to everyone around you!
Sign up today and become the influencer your friends and family truly need.

The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App Features

  • A Growing Library of over 185 Functional Exercises, helping you Discover what’s right for you
  • Customizable Exercise Adjustments to help always bring Success to your Training Experience
  • Weekly Live Workouts covering Exercise, Workouts and Adaptive Coaching Tips
  • Inclusive Training Concepts, Setup Designs and Creative Ideas
  • Select exercises based on Ability, Equipment or Focus Goal
  • Save Favorite Workouts and Share with Friends
  • Join a Coach’s Group or Start your own Team
  • Unlock Badges, Rewards and More!

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Fitness can be a Challenge

We are Dedicated to helping you Succeed

Find out how Parents, Professionals and Adaptive Athletes are all becoming more Confident and working Together to achieve their Fitness Goals.

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Exercise provides so many Physical and Mental Health Benefits
You Deserve every option Available.

What people are saying

“My 21yr. old autistic son has benefited tremendously from working with the TruFit program.” -Lisa E. parent

“I am thoroughly impressed with the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App.  The App engages individuals with different abilities to find their own groove for personal fitness and wellbeing.” Dr. Reuben Sutter

“TruFit has been an invaluable tool in assisting me with my daily life! I’m a wheelchair user and it is critical for me to stay in overall physical heath.” – Austin All Wheels Access member/athlete

“This program has changed my son Chris’s life.” – Ester C. parent

“It is enriching, empowering and is giving people the opportunity to workout during a time when we need it most.” -Ben S. member/athlete

Image of Coach Emily in a TruFit Adaptive Fitness shirt holding up her hand waving.

5 Reasons the TruFit App is Awesome!

5) The Gigantic Exercise Library keeps Growing!
4) Save your Favorites and be assured Good Times!
3) Follow multiple Coaches for creative Help and Ideas!
2) The instruction is Outstanding and Peer Developed!
1) Staying connected and motivated with your friends!

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1 – Download and Install the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App
Step 2- Create an Athlete Profile (or a Coach Profile for Coaches and Community Leaders)
Step 3- Browse the Exercise Library to discover Functional Workouts
Step 4- (Subscription*) Join the TruFit Coaches* or your Community Coach’s Team* to view specific workouts and interact with your friends!
Step 5- Have Fun, Set Goals, Unlock Badges*, Win Rewards*

By Subscribing for an Athlete Account you help to strengthen not only yourself but your entire Community. Ask about how you can start a TruFit Adaptive Community in your town!

Download the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App and Join the Movement!

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Apple Code = Adaptive
Android Code = Adapt1ve
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Subscriber Benefits
+ Create Playlists and Save Favorites
+ Create Personal Workouts
+ Join a TruFit Coach’s Team
+ Join a Family or Community Team
+ Progress Tracking
+ Earn Badges, Rewards and more

The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App was designed to combined years or experience, education and information into an Easy to Use, Effective and Understanding program.

Our Mission is to Empower and Support you in your lifelong goals towards Healthy Living. For too long many of our friends and their families have had to navigate fitness with few resources and assistance outside of general therapies. With this App you to now have a new and powerful tool that can work for You along with your Health care providers, your Educators, your Coaches, your Family and your Friends. This is the Fitness App you’ve been looking for, and it’s only getting better! Help us to create a brighter future for us all!

From everyone at TruFit Adaptive Fitness, Thank You, We look forward to building this community together with You!

-Team TruFit