TruFit and You

How TruFit Adaptive Fitness can help you reach your goals

To help you reach your goals and to be inclusive to the goals of others, we have created a multi-functional Fitness App that provides exercises and activities to help us all make progress every day.

Read below to learn how the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App can work for you, your family and your community! Welcome to the Team!

1) Individuals with different abilities looking to take charge of their exercise program

If you are someone who wants to learn about exercise and how it can be adapted to work for you then the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App is a must have training resource. Filled with hundreds of exercises that you can easily scroll through, study and save, this App provides solutions for not only working out but for developing a keen understanding of each exercise and how you can progress along a path of success.

Jacob Pacheco in a black wetsuit before a surf session looking out into the ocean. He's got a big smile on his face.
Jacob Pacheco, Adaptive Surfer, Professional Speaker, All around Hard Worker

2) Peer Groups who want to exercise and create workouts together

Our friends can be a big motivator when it comes to exercising and staying consistent with workouts. The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App is great for active peer groups or friends who want to get active every day! You can use the App to find exercises where everyone can be successful, build workouts based on favorites and save exercises to share in the group. Whether it is a weekly gathering or an every day activity, when we know our friends are working with us, we are more likely to get the work done.

Team TruFit at the Race for Autism with Sophie, Chris, Coach John and Clinton. Not pictured, Joshua, Karla, Jose and Karen. Great job all!

3) Family Fitness

TruFit was founded on the idea that families exercising together is the key to making the world more active. This mission still drives us today in our ability to provide families with the ideas and understanding that will help them find total wellness. When using the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App, families can stay connected through exercise, sharing workouts and accomplishments wherever your family members my be. It’s great for the daily routine or for impromptu get togethers. Let TruFit help your family succeed with fitness!

Ohana Outings at the Park, Mother and Son working together on a rope pull.

4) Support Networks

Sometimes it takes a team to help us help those we love. TruFit aims to help your team by providing an easy-to-use resource for not only initiating fitness but keeping it consistent as providers rotate in and help with your specific plan. By having a profile on the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App, service providers can view, understand and prepare for fitness activities that complement their skills and techniques. From activities to help with day to day living to exercises that can reinforce a newly learned skill, working with the App provides solutions that bring everyone success.

Waves4All picture of a mermaid being carried on a surfboard into the ocean by a team of surfers.

5) Schools

We spend so much of our young life in the buildings of knowledge surrounded by peers and great teachers. During this opportunity in time Fitness must be introduced, be authentic and be success driven. From helping to create “Classroom Fitness” to assisting in programming for A.P.E., inspiring Peer Clubs, Sports Teams, new friendships and more, the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App brings practical solutions you can integrate into your school program today. Teachers and students working together to create a fitness experience that is functional and exciting. Now that’s TruFit!

TruFit Co-Founder John White meeting with teachers and staff at the Abraxas Transition School.

6) Adaptive Teams

For many people, joining a sports team can be a great opportunity to get active and follow healthy habits. When you know your team is trying to be their best you also want to be your best. This is where the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App can help. Being able to see your teammates updates, favorite workouts and shared activities can allow everyone to stay connected through exercise. Get your team in top condition with workouts and ideas that are inclusive and effective at helping you all succeed and stay game ready.

Winning Gold with USA Para Surf Team alongside Blind Adventurer and TruFit Advisor Joshua “The Jedi” Loya is Co-Founder John White

7) Community Organizations

The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App was developed in partnership with one of the largest disability service community organizations in the United States, The Arc. Created while working with individuals and staff at The Arc of San Diego North Shores and Gerber Centers, this App allows your community to experience the exercises that brought us success. By creating individual user profiles and assigning staff and peer coaches the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App brings a new connection to wellness for your community. Staff and team members can follow the provided weekly programming or create programs that are unique to them. Pick roles, save favorites and assign activities so fitness can be a part of your community every day!

Stability Ball Statue of Liberty at the Arc of San Diego with Workshop Team the Purple Leopards

8) Health Care Professionals

For many health professionals the prescription of continued exercise and healthy lifestyle habits is one that goes unfilled. Progress that was made in a clinic can be affected by future sedentary habits and numerous low activity “time spending” options. Our goal is to bring a balance to the screen time and inspire movement and activity that inspires more movements and more activities. Thirty minutes a day three times a week is not enough. We all know for lifelong results with fewer injuries and medical concerns that fitness must be a lifestyle performed 365 days a year. The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App provides this option to live a life of exercise, accomplishment and all the health benefits that come with that.

TruFit Co-Founder Adam White demonstrating how easy the TruFit Adaptive Fitness works,

9) Group Living

Put a few friends together in a house with some tablets logged into the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App and you have a recipe for Success! Mix in what equipment you have at home or can affordably find along with the focused goals of all roommates and now you’re exercising every day! The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App can bring this to your house by assigning a leadership role (Coach) and athlete role for each housemate. Coaches can follow the TruFit weekly program, stream Live workouts to do in the living room or outdoors and connect with their friends in a positive and rewarding way. Earn badges and complete workouts to unlock house rewards for everyone to enjoy!

Performing Horizontal Bar Lunges with Pharham and Woody

10) Fitness Professionals

Chances are if you are a good coach/trainer you are going to have an opportunity to work with someone with different abilities. From physical adaptions to complex cognitive neural networking, our goal is to have you confident in your abilities to execute great programs. Use the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App to create a team with your clients and start building custom workouts right away. Know your athletes’ favorite exercises, level of difficultly, level of enjoyment and more. There are several useful tools to help you keep your clients on track even when you aren’t right there with them. This App is also great for getting family members involved and assisting in the hard work your clients put in. Find out more about becoming a Coach and working with us at TruFit Adaptive Fitness today!

Introduction to Functional Training group at Nakoa Performance and Physical Therapy