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Fitness for all.

Our app provides accessible, adaptive fitness for each and everyone, no matter where you are.

Removing Obstacles

We believe fitness is for everyone. With modified exercise workouts tailored for specific disabilities, we make health and wellness inclusive and comprehensive. Join our TruFit team, download our app, meet the coaches, connect with other athletes and support your well-being.

Strengthening Connections

Between muscle groups, peer groups and athletes, we’ve got a place for you.


I’m an individual interested in:

  • Training & exercising at home
  • Joining a fitness team
  • Finding an adaptive coach
  • Becoming a TruFit athlete


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  • Adding TruFit to our healthcare plan(s)
  • Learning more about adaptive fitness
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We are continuing to grow the app to connect to many others.

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Fitness Trainers & Gyms
  • Adaptive Teams
  • Non-Profit & Community Groups
  • Schools & Universities

Accessible, adaptive fitness.

For when transportation is a challenge, gym equipment doesn’t adapt, and exercise routines aren’t fitting.

or check out our video walkthrough.

Over 200

functional exercises

Search by

ability, equipment or focus

Find a coach

that fits you

Frequently Asked Questions

Get signed up by downloading the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App and creating a profile. Most participants will sign up as an ATHLETE and create a profile. This helps the program find matching workouts for your abilities, experience, equipment and goals. Once your profile is created you can start browsing exercises, making playlists, testing out workouts, sharing progress while earning badges and rewards.


Get started by signing up and selecting your Ability filter. As an example if you use a wheelchair or plan to do the workouts seated you could select the SEATED filter selection and the exercises displayed would only be exercises that can be performed sitting down. Additionally if you wanted to browse ALL exercises for ALL abilities you would select the INDEPENDENT filter selection to display those results. Choose the filters that are good for you and then use the bottom menu to switch between Workouts, Exercises, and Coach Assignments if you have a Coach. By performing the exercises and selecting your level of difficulty and number of reps you can track your progress and share with your friends, family and coach. There are hidden challenges and rewards built into the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App too so doing more activity means more chances to unlock rewards.


As an Athlete you have the option to workout individually or join a Coach and follow along with the Weekly workout schedule. Athletes can browse exercises anytime to make their own playlists and build a future workout. Selecting the Ability, Focus or Equipment filters will provide exercises that fit the goal of the activity. Athletes also can save favorite workouts and exercises to share with friends and family. If working with a Coach, the Coach may assign workouts to be completed by a certain time. This will help to earn extra badges and rewards within the App as they make progress. Filling out the end of the workout information additionally helps in tracking progress and developing great workout programs.


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