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Welcome to the TruFit Community! Our goal is to share a new fitness experience that is Empowering, Inspiring and Effective at helping Everyone to be their Best!

John White – Co-Founder, Director of Fun

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The TruFit Adaptive Fitness App provides trusted solutions and suggestions to help you Personally exercise, Coach individuals or Lead inclusive group classes!

Become the Fitness Leader of your Community!

Our Mission

For too long, people with different abilities have been overlooked in traditional fitness and health industries. TruFit aims to change that by creating a wellness Community that is accessible to everyone, no matter what their fitness level. 

Affordable, Inclusive Fitness Training you can do Everyday!

TruFit App Features:

-Over 175 Functional Exercises
-Customizable Adjustment Settings
-Ever Expanding Workout Library
-Inclusive Training Tips, Setup Designs and Creative Ideas
-Select exercises based on Ability, Equipment or Focus Goal
-Save Favorite Workouts and Share with Friends
-Join a Coach’s Group or Start your own Team
-Unlock Badges, Rewards and More!

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Build your Profile and Join a Team!

In just a couple steps you can create an Athlete Profile, start working out on your own or join a team and follow the weekly programs.

Browse Exercises by Ability, Equipment and Focus!

Find the Exercises you are looking for with an advanced filtering system that works to deliver you results.

Become Confident in Training and Achieving goals!

Learn inclusive strategies, difficulty adjustments and everything you need to be confident in your workout.



Every Monday at 1 pm PST, Wednesday at 11 am PST and Friday at 11am PST, TruFit hosts FREE online workout classes on our YouTube channel, GetTruFit.


Veteran Owned and Operated

Our focus remains in the service of others and we support all people in their mission towards achieving fitness freedom and health. We promote a positive attitude and have developed programming that keeps everyone ready to take on life’s many adventures.

Adaptable for All

Our motivation builds from a desire to help others achieve. By developing not only adaptable bodies but inclusive team ethic we aim to provide a fitness experience unlike any other, helping our members become their best and achieve their goals.

Community Focused

By working with professionals, athletes, schools and organizations, TruFit aims to build stronger communities focused on health and active achievement. Connect with us today and find out how you can get involved.

Our Purpose

To Encourage, Empower, Equip, and Inspire people with disabilities in their pursuit of life-long health and activity.

Early inspiration at Capability Ranch

What People are Saying

We always LOVE when the Fitness Fun program is on the calendar! TruFit has something for everyone!

Capability Ranch

Special Needs Activity Center

This will really help visually impaired people who are ready to get moving and practicing new skills.


Blind Adventurer, Team USA ParaSurfer

This program has changed my son Chris’s life. After being isolated so much during the pandemic, it provided Chris his own guidance to move more, be social and interact with others. Chris is now a TruFit addict! John is a gift. Truly!

Esther Coit

Member Parent

TruFit has helped me to be more confident in my abilities. I’ve noticed improvements in my strength, grip and mobility. It is enriching, empowering and is giving people the opportunity to workout during a time when we need it most.

Ben Samuel

Member / TruFit Live Co-Producer

YouTube Creator, “All Wheels Access” gets TruFit

Good afternoon everybody,

 I would like to share my experience with TruFit Adaptive Fitness! TruFit has been an invaluable tool in assisting me with my daily life! I’m a wheelchair user and it is critical for me to stay in overall physical heath. As someone with limited range of motion I constantly struggle with increasing my core strength and my mobility. This is where TruFit comes in! The exercises are well designed and diverse enough to accommodate all my particular exercise and fitness needs. I love being active, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling with friends and family. I don’t know how I would be able to accomplish those goals without the help of TruFit. The benefits aren’t just purely physical either, I feel mentally stronger than ever too! I’m in touch with my surroundings and have a sense of mindfulness that I don’t think would be possible to achieve with just your average typical workout regimen. If you’re seeking to step up your overall well being and your physical/mental heath, I highly recommend TruFit Adaptive Fitness!  

Kind regards, Austin Waite (YouTube- All Wheels Access)

Austin Waite

The Perfect Fitness App for Individuals, Coaches, Professionals and Families

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I am thoroughly impressed with the TruFit Adaptive Fitness App.  The App engages individuals with different abilities to find their own groove for personal fitness and wellbeing.  They are often a forgotten population.  Mainstream services usually fall short in recognizing how specific needs should be tailored.  As a Psychiatrist I often see individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who are yearning for engagement and activity to manage restless behaviors.  Sadly, these behaviors often become viewed as problems to treat and result in overmedication.  TruFit challenges this notion with a dedicated focus to these individuals to help them find greater satisfaction in life. 

Reuben Sutter, MD – Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology – Investor

Experts agree, exercise is essential and provides a multitude of physical and mental health benefits.

My 21yr. old autistic son has benefited tremendously from working with the TruFit program. After completing high school, we quickly discovered that there were very few programs available out in our community that offered recreation supporting special needs young adults. What TruFit delivers goes above and beyond recreation; it provides a FUN, tailored, fitness program that nurtures a mind-body approach to healthy lifestyle and living. The TruFit program strengthens not just the body, but also coordination, focus, and self-esteem.

So often in the special needs community, the bar is set low, with few opportunities to experience the reward that comes from being challenged. A great feature to the app, too, is that it connects the user to a community of peers and working out with others. John is an exceptional mentor and coach, as you can see in the TruFit videos. My son looks forward to working out and has lost almost 20 pounds over this last year!

Lisa E.
Carlsbad, California
May 2022

TruFit Adaptive Fitness App:

Workouts for the Home, Park, School, Gym and more…

As a special education teacher and Certified Academic Language Therapist, I find the TruFit app to be a testament to the best parts of technology.  People living in any corner of the world who are differently abled developmentally and physically have access to compassionate, highly trained, passionate trainers who can support the strengthening of bodies and spirits through the process of doing well-scaffolded “hard things”, ie. exercises.  Coach John and others use easily accessible, affordable materials that anyone can likely find in their town, no matter where it is.  The coaches are positive, clear, and creative.  And the app incorporates people who are differently abled doing the exercises, which inspires.  The app is adaptable to a large number of abilities, is interactive, and includes many reward systems–it’s fun!  Thereby, through the app participants can gain physical strength, grow mental resilience,  gain a sense of community, meet specific needs difficult to meet elsewhere, and be inspired by kindness and courage daily. 

And… I believe that there are many other populations in this world who can benefit from the app–senior citizens, students with learning differences who may have low core strength and/or dyspraxia, and people who spend lots of time in front of screens, thus lacking the physical coordination afforded by regular exercise, to name a few.  

Janine V. Johnston CALT
Dyslexia Therapist | Learning Specialist
Land of Enchantment Learning

Working together with researchers to create data driven results.

Get Certified

TruFit is proud to be partnered with Autism Fitness to bring top level education to fitness minded Team Leaders, Family Members and Coaches. Learn more about how the Autism Fitness Certification can be an excellent addition to your current certifications or could be a great first step in becoming a Adaptive Fitness Professional or Peer Leader

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